Flexible, customizable advertising

Live-to-the-Internet productions provide an unprecedented opportunity to reach global audiences. The potential reach of liveonlinecanada events is exponential – and presents a valuable advertising opportunity.

The objective of liveonlinecanada is to present quality, live streamed events on the Internet. liveonlinecanada approaches each event with the intention to bring viewers an esthetically pleasing presentation, giving the viewer an experience as close to “live and in person” as possible, with more opportunity to discuss and learn about the event through social media and accompanying productions, including artist interviews and venue scenics.


A variety of options

The presentation model reflects the way viewers are accustomed to watching a quality concert event on television or pay per view. There is no “down time” between acts. Instead there are relevant performer interviews and advertising opportunities. Within the model there is room for various advertising tiers, and an array of customizable opportunities for advertisers to be represented.

Advertisers can choose from banner ads, bugs, bumpers, intermission spots, opening, and closing commercials, presenting sponsorship packages, and more. Liveonlinecanada is equipped to work with advertisers to integrate existing graphics and motion content, and/or to create customized commercials for you to spread your message.

The nature of the specific live event dictates the types of advertising opportunities available and the ability of the advertiser to take optimal advantage of those opportunities. Contact Us today to discuss upcoming events and customize your next advertising opportunity with liveonlinecanada!